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I am on the hunt for a beautiful and unique florists to cater to my taste and the style of my wedding.  I LOVE Every Blooming Thing so far, but was wondering if anyone else had ideas of some other wedding florists in Salt Lake City, that they've loved and had GREAT success with?? 
Thank you Knotties!
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    I am a wedding planner and have worked with Whimsy Floral so many times. Her work is flawless in real life and she is a true professional. Every wedding I have done with her has been totally different so she is great at working with your style. One of the weddings on here (Kathy and Hal) is her work. www dot whimsyfloral dot com.

    Good Luck!
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    I am so excited to check her website out and to gather from you and utilize that  advice  for someone that looks to be JUST my taste and is someone different that not EVERY Utah brides uses (i mean that in a VERY good way :) ) - i LOVE it! Thanks Michelle!
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    Whimsy Floral and Design
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