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Really desperate...

to get rid of this computer desk we have. I posted a post a while back but am posting again because we are moving this week and next and I can't figure out what to do with it. At this point, I would take 20 bucks for it lol. I'm in the south bay currently but moving to the east bay. if interested, let me below.

Re: Really desperate...

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    What about donating it & taking a tax deduction on the value?
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    That's a good idea. The Salvation Army will take that. They'll even come pick it up from you.
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    We had them come and they wouldn't take it. We ended up just taking it apart and getting rid of it. oh well. I was actually really disappointed with SA. They tried to make up lame excuses of why they couldn't take it but it finally came out that they didn't have room in the truck and didn't want to have to come back later. Oh well. their loss.
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