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A year away, and already brainstorming!

Hi everyone! I'm a new bride to the board, and I'm already in need of your help! We have set the date for December 1, 2012. Our colors are deep purple and gold (we think... maybe just purple and metallics?).  I was thinking about putting gold, silver and bronze ornaments in a GIANT vase (24 inch, 8 inch across) on 7 of the tables (out of a total of 15 tables). The other tables will have a low, mostly white, floral arrangements. We are thinking of using white table cloths and gold chargers. Everyone I ask says they think it will be beautiful, but I need impartial opionions!! These are basically taking the place of large floral centerpieces.

The picture of our venue with similar centerpieces:

The ornaments:

Sorry for the long post! I really appreciate the feedback.

Re: A year away, and already brainstorming!

  • I think it looks awesome. We are also doing ornament centerpieces. WAAAAY cheaper than flowers, but just as pretty. But ours will be shorter and I didn't want any of our centerpieces to be the same so they will all be in different bowls, cake domes, vases, etc.

  • Do you think it's a  problem to have centerpieces that are so large? My mom keeps telling me that you aren't supposed to have centerpieces that you can't see the person that is across from you at the table. I'm thinking it might not be a big problem because the tables seat 8-10, so you probably won't be talking to the person across from you anyway...?

  • We are planning on doing something similar and adding holly in the vases with the ornaments =)
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