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About ready to throw in the towel on this wedding

I am getting married in the mountains this July. Our reception was to be at a small restaurant in their private room. Unfortunately we have no contract and the woman who owns the restaurant has been unresponsive. We haven't talked to her since last August when we set up the plans, and now she won't return calls or e-mails. Now I am starting to get nervous that we won't be able to have our reception there anymore. I've called other places but guess what?! Everything else is now booked. We are expecting 30 or so guests, 99% of them from out of state, and now it looks like we'll have nowhere to go after the ceremony. I am really worried now and I am starting to think that I should postpone the wedding, or just go elope somewhere. Our budget is only $5k and we have no help from our families.

I don't know what to do, I just feel like crying. My fiance and I are both doctoral students, so we don't have a whole lot of time to do planning as it is and so far I've felt very unsuccessful - we've changed ceremony sites already and are desperate (the wedding will be in Rocky Mtn National Park). 

Re: About ready to throw in the towel on this wedding

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    How close are you to the venue? Could you go up there and show up and demand to talk to someone, or is it too far away? Keep looking for other places in the meantime. 30 people isn't that many, even a nice restaurant might be able to handle that. You could try finding something like that.

    Good luck.

  • FbrandyeFbrandye member
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    I know how it feels to be on a budget. Don't give up, start looking up places online. I'm sure exactly where in RMNF you are getting married but my venue is right outside of there and for 30 people you would pay under 3000 for the night, the venue is Wild Basin Lodge & Event Center. I love them, they have been very nice to use.

    There price includes the venue, dinner, & non-alcholic drinks. They are willing to work with people and will even let you work for them which is nice.

    Best of luck but don't give up.
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    I think you should contact a few resturants...it might save you money a lot of places have private dining rooms for small parties...
  • samantha bucksamantha buck member
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    What about Estes park?
  • AvsChic23AvsChic23 member
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    You could try Loveland too, that wouldn't be to far from the park
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    Try Aspen Lodge. http://www.aspenlodge.net/
     We just got married there in October & they are wonderful! Its just outside of Estes Park & great! Our guests LOVED it!  Tell them your problem & your budget. I'll bet they'll work with you! (Don't get scared away by their prices on their website... talk with the person there.) 

    Hang in there! Don't throw in the towel.
    Also, if you need a great photographer check out PAEart.com. Patrick was AMAZING & doesn't charge extra to travel to Estes Park. (You can see some of the shots he took of our wedding on his site.) 

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    We figured out a new place to go for our reception and it is all going to work out, now. We are lucky to have even found anything - there was a reason why I was so antsy. Estes Park, in July, is the craziest place. (But it's so beautiful, and I love it!) Many women get married there, and I found that most places were booking up last July and into September. The Stanley Hotel (which I could never afford anyway but looked up for fun) was already booked solid in May 2010 when my fiance and I started looking.  I only got nervous because I didn't hear from our caterer for several months, and started looking around again for alternative places in Estes Park (in our budget), and couldn't find anything!

    Luckily, our officiant lives in Estes and was very helpful with finding us the right venue. I'm so relieved now, and I've got a contract! And it's going to cost less than this other place!! Yay!

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    Patty.....Don't give up.  Try a company that has a 3 for 1 approach.  A Wild Thyme Catering and Events has beautiful food for special events, they have 2 girls that could help you with planning details and in house supplies or linens, centerpieces, decorations that are NO additional cost.  They include access to the decor inventory and can set everything up for you.  

    Ask for Ashley or Laura.  Good Luck!
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