ahhhh. expedia changed out flight times!!

Hi Ladys,

This is kinda just a rant. Well I woke up this AM to an email saying our flight is now sooner by 2 hours. I am not a happy camper. On hold as we speak with the airline. That leaves us with an hour and a half reception. :( UHG!

Re: ahhhh. expedia changed out flight times!!

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    AND we now have a 3 1/2 hour lay over in Baltimore! Instead of a 45 minute one. Soo annoyyyyed.
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    Yikes!  I hope you can get it fixed!
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    Are you stuck with that particular flight to Baltimore or can you change it to later?
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    So, after what seemed like hours but was all in all and hour and a half on the phone with expedia who was also on the phone with air tran. We ended up chaning the flight and just fliying out the next say, so we loose like half a day for our honeymoon. Which were alright with. The latest flight they had that day was 4:30! I couldnt believe it. So now were leaving August 28th at 5:50am for our honeymoon. :) At least it was fixable!
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    Glad to hear you were able to get it fixed!
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