what are the quotes for flowers you've gotten?

 Hello all,
  I'm getting married in Oregon city and i am in need of a florists. I only need my boquet, bridesmaids boquets, and corsages no center piece flowers. So what are the quotes that you have gotten also i am on a budget. if anyone knows of a good place to go I would be very greatful. thanks
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Re: what are the quotes for flowers you've gotten?

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    Your price is really going to depend on the kind of flowers you want.  If you are open to any kind of flower, you could potentially save a ton of money by going with locally grown dahlias from Swan Island Dahlias.  You can place your order for cut flowers, pick them up a few days before the wedding and then just drop them off with your florist.  That way, you're just paying the florist for labor and not for the huge mark-up on the flowers themselves. 


    Otherwise, you can probably expect to pay in the range of $50-$125 each for bouquets, $5-$15 each for boutonnieres, and $10-$25 each for corsages depending on flowers used.
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    I would check with Stephanie Major of Petalos Floral Design.  She is doing all of our floral and is awesome! She was substantially less than any other florist I talked to and she is so much more attentive. It's worth talking to her to see if she can do what you want while working within your budget.
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    I recieved a quote from Lucinda Clares floral design, for 2 bouquets &2 boutiniers with roses for 149$$ best prices i have found and she is wonderful!!
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    Try http://www.fiftyflowers.com/ .  They have so many varieties and you can still give them to your florist or event planner.

    These are much cheaper and you get more of a variety...JMO.

    Hope it helps

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    We used Page (knottie mmmpage) at Vibrant Table- her last name used to be Bender, but she got married right around the same time I did and I can't remember her new last name.  She did a great job.  Our budget was $850 for all floral.
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    Try going to Safeway and talk to the florist there. A lot of times they are able to put together some really pretty boquets at a fraction of the price. That is what my sis did and it did not cost her much at all.
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