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How far is too far?

Hi all! Wondering your opinions on the following: My church is in Jeffersonville IN, right off I-65, and my reception site is on Westport Road near I-265. This seems VERY far to have guests drive even though it would be interstate pretty much the whole way (making locating the spots easy). The FI and I are considering looking for a different church for the ceremony because of the distance. How far/ long is too much between a wedding and reception? And as a follow-up, anybody know any nice churches in the Westport Road area for about 250 people? Thanks!

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Re: How far is too far?

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    I actually live in Clarksville and work off of Brownsboro Rd right down the street from the Summit, which is only one exit ahead of the Westport Rd/ I-265 exit.  So I take that drive every morning and every afternoon and it really isn't bad if there is no traffic.  It is straight highway 65 to 71 to I-265 and only a total of around 12-15 miles depending on the exact location.  Without traffic it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work.

    I don't know anything about any Churches in the area.  On Brownsboro Rd I pass Northeast Christian Church but I don't really know anything about it.

    I hope this helps.
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    I-65 to I-71 to I-265 during a non-rush hour time of day shouldn't be more than. . . 20 - 25 minutes, I wouldn't think.  20 minutes is about ideal, 30 minutes is the limit.  I think you're fine. 

    We went to a wedding near Southeast Christian (different church, farther north on Blankenbaker) and the reception was at Kye's, which is just across the bridge in Jeffersonville.  The drive wasn't an issue at all.  I think if you're convenient to the highway at both ends, you're in good shape.
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    I just recently went to a wedding and the reception venue was about 30 minutes or so from the ceremony venue. We didn't mind, but it definitely wasn't ideal. I would think about your guests. Do most of them live in Louisville or will you have a large portion of your guests coming from out of town. If a large portion of your guests are not familar with the area or will be traveling, I would think that it would be best for you to find venues that are close to one another.

    However, when it comes down to it, your guests will most likely suck it up because they love you.....BUT just some things to consider. For us, I am having my ceremony and reception at one place. It saves on time, convenience, and travel headache.
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