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Anyone have a trusted jeweler you use, i need a ring resized.

Prefer LA area, buy can travel.  Thank you
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Re: Anyone have a trusted jeweler you use, i need a ring resized.

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    Imperial Jewlers in Los Alamitos (near Seal Beach, OC).  I have had my ring resized there and they do great work and they have reasonable prices too.
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    Bridal Rings Company in the Diamond District - those people are amazing! Extremely trustworthy.
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    My husband got my ring at KFK Jewelers.  He loved them.  I haven't gotten it resized though.
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    This is going to sound awfully funny but here it is:  we got my e-ring from JCPenneys, mostly because it was my choice and given we have a long distance engagement it seemed best to rely on a chain store that could provide a service package in any city.

    Along with my ring, we purchased a life time care plan(most reputable chain jewelers offer that).  My e-ring had to be resized from a size 7 to a 5 1/2,  I was so happy when i finally had it on my finger.  I recently had the ring cleaned and repolished with the rhodium finish--I try to do it every 6 months. Yes, when I put it on again I recognized my daimond so they are trustworthy and won't pull the old switcheroo on you.

    I am very happy with their level of service.

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    Try Dave Schneider in downtown Long Beach.  They are very reputable, and they will also provide you with with pictures and insurance information.  It's the ONLY place we buy jewelry now.  You never know!  And the sales people are super nice and helpful, not intimidating at all, like some jewelry stores can be- ask for Donna, she'll take care of you!!
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    I've been going to someone in the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles forever. He does wholesale so the sizing won't cost as much as going to a retail store.

    639 S. Hill Street
    Booth A2/B4
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
    213 489  3546

    Ask for Vicken or Sarkis

    There is a parking lot right next to their building which is convenient.
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