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Recap :) (PIP)

I'm slowly getting back into the grove of things. I had such a hard time coming back to work yesterday lol. So....On 2/22 we had the rehearsal at 7:30 pm everyone was "on time" except one best man & one groomsman & they we only a couple minutes late so I was definitely excited. I told everyone it started at 7 so that they would be there by 7:30 when the pastor would be arriving lol. We ran through the ceremony about 3 times it was quick & fun :) Then we went up to the tiki bar and ate & drank for a few hours there was sooo much love! I had a blast!!!

Morning of everybody on earth wanted to call & text my phone for no reason...I just stopped answering lol. Hair & makeup went ok...The hair stylist kinda wanted to do whatever she wanted to do to my hair. I think she was upset b/c I didnt want what she wanted me to have. Oh well, my hair, my money! MUA did a great job on my makeup but all the girls absolutely hated theres :( My bestfriend's lashes were falling off before we even started getting dressed. It was a little annoying...

The ceremony went by sooooo quickly! When I started walking down my babe was crying & I tried soooo hard not to but couldnt hold back so I started crying lol. It was beautiful!! There were soooo many people from the hotel standing around watching lol. I saw people that I didnt know crying. After the ceremony, just before we started taking pics I founnd out that while I was inside waiting to walk out my father in-law had been rushed to the hospital b/c while he was sitting waiting for the ceremony to begin he was having a hard time breathing :( He's doing fine now but I was really sad & concerned.

After pix we went into the reception hall and apparently the photographer & videographer were outside somewhere, not sure where but after we did out 1st dance my coordinator came to me saying that she was gonna snap on the photographer b/c he came up to her shaking his finger in her face saying she knows better & she shouldve came & gotten him before we entered. Of course he came up to me saying he said "could you possibly next time come get us before anything happens" lol...I honestly couldnt care less. I understood both sides. He didnt want us to me mad that he wasnt capturing moments, but she isnt a 5 year old & he needs to learn how to respectfully speak to ppl. I know he did it b/c I almost had to get him together when we were getting dressed & the boys said the same thing...They did get video & photo of the 1st dance but i think they missed the beginning of the wedding party entering the room (no biggie imo)

The reception was so much fun!!! It went by super fast though! There were a TON of ppl that didnt bother showing up & I so badly want to call them & say something rude but I know it would be classless lol. I just feel like it's so tacky for you to RSVP & then not show up. We wasted like a grand on no shows & 99% of them didnt even bother calling to apologize or anything -_-... After the reception we went to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa & all our friends met us there. We ate & laughed and then we went up to our room b/c we had to be up at 5am to fly out to Mexico :)

Honeymoon was AMAZING!!! I had so much fun, it was really relaxing & the service at the resort was top of the line. We were treated like queens & kings!!! Loved it!!! We really didnt have to leave the resort for anything. The food was great & we had so many options to choose from, the drinks were great & never ending lol. We went to the night club inside the resort 3 nights in a row. We went shopping & a few ppl tried to rip us off lol. Luckily we had already gotten the conversion rate. They will try to give u pesos back for you american cash in a heartbeat & think you dont know how much you should get back!! It was fun though! We'll definitely go back there at some point :)

We have soooooo many gifts & there was sooo much love!!! I couldnt be more happy! The only thing is we have a lot of duplicate gifts so we have to take some back this week. I ordered our thank you cards so I should get them tomorrow & start sending those out. That'll be a task lol. Thank you ladies soooo much for all your help, advice, & support throughout this past year! Love my knottie sisters!!! I'm sure I'll still be getting advice :) Thanks for reading :)







 1st dance

the view from our balcony :)


 inside the resort
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Re: Recap :) (PIP)

  • AWWWW CONGRATS Mrs Newsome im sooo happy for you and truly glad that everything went ok for your day besides the lil hickup with your photog and planner smh.. But aside from that you made it over to the other side and you looked awesome doing it....God Bless you and your new Husband on this journey called marriage..

    BTW that dress what FIERCE honey you looked BEAUTIFUL

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • edited March 2013

    I'm glad you had a blast! Most of all, I love how you didn't sweat the small stuff. Remarkable! You focused on what was most important - You and Your Hubby! So happy for you! May God Richly Bless Your Union. Best Wishes!

    ...that dress is BANGING! Girl - Seeing you made me glad that I didn't allow my seamstress to take my dress out so I can sit down at the reception! LOL. You are stunning! Simply stunning & breathtaking! Work it LadyCane!

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  • Awweee thanx deucedst96!!!! One thing I will say though, that dress was hot as heck!!! lol. I was definitely ready to get out of it at the end of the reception! I loved it though :)
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  • congrats love everything looks beautiful....you look so happy and I am glad that you had a wonderful time! ps i love love love your dress.. beautiful

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • keyaira04keyaira04
    Sixth Anniversary 1000 Comments 5 Love Its Name Dropper
    edited March 2013
    Yay! Congrats Mrs! Yes, the dress was really really BEAUTIFUL!

    Wow, I grand on no-shows!!!! I would have been mad too. But hey, you're married now :)
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  • Awww Lady...you looked so pretty . Congrats on being a Mrs. ! Thanks fpr the recap !
  • COngrats!!!! Girl you and that dress....it is saying something SERIOUS!  I love it. I am so happy for you. Everything was so beautiful. I am happy your father in law is ok.  That sucks so many people didnt show up.  But hey...you are married now and maybe they will send you a gift (being overly optimistic :-)  Anyway everything looks so nice...now you get to enjoy yourHUSBAND!!!!!
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  • Thanks ladies :)
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  • AWWW!!! MRSladycane! CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome to the other side :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your day and had a wonderful time! You are so gorgeous! I wanna see more DIY! like that sign and everything else you made! also, whats those things flying up in white with red material on them in the 4th pic? I.WANT.THOSE. lol!

    It was so fun getting to know you and watching your journey unfold that got you to the alter and man and wife. Congrats again!
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  • lol thanx so much Tash!!! I literally have no pix of all the diy stuff :( I'm patiently waiting on other pix to roll in. I stole all those pix from friends lol. The stuff on the 4th pic was just mesh ribbon from hobby lobby. When I went in there they had an arch up w/ the ribbon tied to it & I loved it. I bought the ribbon, took 2 pix & told my coordinator that I needed her to duplicate it lol. I was pleased with how it came out. And everyone LOVED the sign!!! I'll post it when I find a pic

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  • Welcome back and congrats! You looked beautiful. That dress was amazing and you had such a glow.
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  • U. Look SOOOOO pretty!! Congratulations! Where was the honeymoon?
  • Thanks so much ladies :) @gnc0988 it was in cancun, we stayed at Paradisus
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  • In Response to Re: Recap :) (PIP):
    [QUOTE]COngrats!!!! Girl you and that dress....it is saying something SERIOUS!  I love it. I am so happy for you. Everything was so beautiful. I am happy your father in law is ok.  That sucks so many people didnt show up.  But hey...you are married now and maybe they will send you a gift (being overly optimistic :-)  Anyway everything looks so nice...now you get to enjoy yourHUSBAND!!!!!
    Posted by RanyattaCasey[/QUOTE]

    lol thanx!!! I love your optimism :)
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  • Congratulations, Everything sounds so wonderful. You look beautiful and I'm glad everything work out for you. God Bless
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  • Thank you!!!! :D
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  • Congratulations!!! You looked beautiful.
  • congrats! you looked beautiful on your day:)
  • Congrats mrs!!!!!!!!! You were beautiful and that dress is to die for. Thanks for the recap
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  • Congratulations!!! Your dress is beautiful!!!
  • Congratulations Mrs! That dress is beautiful! You guys look great. And the view from your balcony is making me ready to go on my honeymoon now! LOL
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  • M1ssJM1ssJ
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    you looked so beautiful. Congrats! That HM view is killer.
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  • Congratulations lady! U looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Glad it all worked out and U were calm!
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  • What a beautiful dress ! So very flattering on you. So sorry about the no shows who RSVP but glad you can take it in stride. Some people have no class LOL !

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  • Thanks so much ladies :)
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  • Mrs. Newsome... HOW BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING  everything looks.. and you were working that dress.. I love that you both cried.. very sweet.. shows the LOVE...

    your view from your room... A-MAZING!!!!!

    Soo beautiful and I am soo happy that all went great for you.. besides those lil hiccups.. and I am sooo happy to hear that your father in law.... is doing well.. such a blessing
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  • Congratulations!! You looked absolutely radiant! I am glad that you had a great day!! So sorry about the no shows. I know that had to be a pain in the tail. 

    Congrats again!

  • Congratulations
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