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I'm looking for a wedding DJ for September 2012 and I don't even know where to get started. I'm looking for someone who will play what we like and get people on the dance floor, other than that I'm pretty ambivalent. I'm hoping to spend around $700 for the 5 hour reception.

Can anyone give me tips on where to get started? Can you recommend anyone good in my price range?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Anna- we were looking for somethin in that price range too- Best we came up with was $795 for 5 hours- His name is Dave and we booked him through Music Man DJ services, so far he seems great! has been really easy to get a hold of and everything. plus he has this fantastic lights show that he sets up, and its REALLY up-to-date.  we found some a little under 700 but they didnt seem quite as experienced and profesional- and the more I thought about it, the More I decided to go slightly over budget for a good DJ- they can really make or break the reception, so we wanted someone who knows what they were doing. 
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    My parents are actually DJs. Very reasonably priced. I believe they are usually around $600-$650 for the whole day. They have been doing this for years, very professional, very down to earth people and willing to work with a budget. As long as your wedding date isn't September 22, 2012 (my wedding date) I am sure they are open this far in advanced.PM me if you want the information.
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