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anyone going to the wedding show? one was last weekend and another coming soon

if you went - was it worth it?
I just dont think I can handle all that wedding stuff all around me.  i think it might freak me out. 
however, it might be the easiest way to find vendors for photos, cakes, etc.

Anyone going to Ritche hotel sale next weekend? I want to check it out.  hopefully it will be worth it.

Re: anyone going to the wedding show? one was last weekend and another coming soon

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    I actually went to both, and I won't lie - I did find them a little overwhelming.

    Go IF you have a specific mission in mind. When I went to my second bridal show, I went with the mission of finding a DJ. Because I wasn't very picky, I did end up booking someone on the spot and getting a 25% discount.

    I wouldn't suggest trying to book a photographer on the spot. You'll probably want to consider your photography choice a little more carefully. But it is a good place to review many portfolios at once. I found that the photographers who came to the bridal shows were generally in the low to mid price range. I don't think I met any of the super artsy / pricier photographers at the shows (they get tonnes of business via word of mouth!).

    It was helpful to see some ideas for decor, invitations, etc, but you can also find those ideas online. A couple of cake vendors may have samples, most notably Irresistable Cakes.

    But TBH, even if you don't go, you can just look up the vendor list on the show's websites and look up the vendors in the comfort of your own home!
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    I'm taking my sister and mom to the wedding show here in Calgary in a few weeks. Because I already book the venue and photographer, I'm specifically going for caterers and dj's. My FI isn't coming so I won't be booking anything, but at least I can skip over a lot of the booths.
    There is a fashion show, so that will be nice to watch as well.

    I went to one with my sister when she was getting married. If you go with something in mind to look for, you'll do better than wanting to stop at every single booth.
    Good luck!!
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    Do you think vendors will give you retroactive discounts ? (this sounds cheap of me, I know, but the price of my wedding is kind of climbing out of control!!)
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