Engagement Pictures for Joplin MO area

Okay, I'm planning ahead, but were, besides the Falls, are good places to take engagement pictures in the Joplin area-- looking for pretty, historical, vintage areas to take pictures indoor and outdoor.
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Re: Engagement Pictures for Joplin MO area

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    Hello, hello, hello out there?
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    I know The Falls are popular, but if you are interested in taking some pictures by water, you should check out the little creek by Ozark Christian College. Very pretty, secluded and lots of different photo opportunities! If you are look for older buildings in the Joplin area, go to Main St and check out the old Connor building, etc. Also, if you can find an old loft on Main St where they will let you take pictures it's beautiful!
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    you can also have your pics like on main street, you can always ask your photogher to see if they have a vintage setting or something like that. There are nice spots on the walking trail in Wild Cat Park. There is a building on main street but the only way i know you can get in is through the State Beauty Supply. They have a lot of weddings, reseptions and pics in there. It has a beautiful wood staircase and the windows over look main street, the celings are gold and it has pillers tooo. Just a thought. I hope that I helped you some. :D
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