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Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is one store better than another or are they all the same?  How soon do I have to order?

Thanks for your help!


Re: Tuxedos?

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    I just went tux shopping on Wednesday. We went to Mens Wearhouse and President Tuxedo. I liked Mens Wearhouse. The guy was a lot very helpful and talked to us about everything and gave us different suggestions.
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    as for ordering, Mens Wearhouse told us the latest you could order would be 15 days before the wedding day. We're going to have our guys go 1-2 months before.
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    Be very careful with Men's Warehouse.  They added items we did not ask for and I was very unhappy that our $120 tuxes quickly went to $150.  The manager did not return any phone calls I left, and they refused to match prices with President's.

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    We went to President Tuxedo at Franklin Park Mall. DH pretty much went in and said that's the one I want. Didn't ask prices or anything like that-bad on DH's part but that was his part of the planning. Overall the services was good. We ordered them a few months before the wedding because our wedding was in the middle of prom season. So also take those kinds of things into consideration.
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