Wheaton/Carol Stream Photo Locations

I am looking to search for wedding photo locations near Wheaton or Carol Stream...I also need a back up indoor location...I am not from around that area so I am finding this really hard...if you have any ideas or suggestions please to share!!

Thank you!! :-)

Re: Wheaton/Carol Stream Photo Locations

  • Where is your wedding? 

    Cantigny is beautiful!!!  There is also a park on Gary Ave in Carol Stream that has a water feature and bridge that we used for our pictures.
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    I agree...your best bet is Cantigny. Keep in mind that there is a charge for parking there. The St. James Farm in Wheaton looks pretty & probably doesn't have as heavy bride traffic, however I just read something that they may require a permit.  Herrick Lake is also off of Butterfield in Wheaton (I used to live near there) and could be nice if there isn't a big picnic going on that day. The Old Wayne Golf Course off of Klein & North Ave has a lot of mature trees & is very pretty (I've played the course.) It is members only, but not a stuffy Country Club, so they may not have a problem with you taking pictures there (and it is also party of the DuPage County Open Lands, making it almost a forest preserve.)  Hope this helps! MTP
  • Late to this but Adams Park in downtown Wheaton or Danada Farms.
  • Thank you all so much.....:-)
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