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Who pays?

My MOH has told me she is going to have a bachelorette party for me a couple days before the wedding. She also says that it will be a group of our friends going out to dinner then to a bar, but she is not going to pay for their meals or drinks. Who is supposed to pay for this? I did not ask for one. I'm thrilled she wants to throw me one, but how tacky will the people invited think this is if they have to end up paying for their meal and drinks. Also how do I tell my friend if this is tacky?

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Re: Who pays?

  • I think most Bachelorette parties each girl pays their own way, and then your meal /drinks as the bride should be covered by the girls who come. I wouldn't worry about the details of this. Your MOH may have set up an evite or something to invite and relay info about the night's events. I've never been to a Bachelorette party where the MOH or just the bridal party covered the costs of our meals/drinks.
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  • Everything she said ;)


  • okay perfect :) Now I know for the  birdal shower food and drink is covered but i never thought about it for the bacholerette party :) Thanks ladies!
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  • Every B party I've ever been too each girl pays her own way.
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