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Ring Insurance


I just wanted to see if anyone used Perfect Cirlce for thier rinf insurance and if thy have had any experiences or what they think. Anything is helpful.

Thank you!


Re: Ring Insurance

  • I do.  It was cheaper than adding a rider to our homeowner's insurance policy.  We just needed to send them a copy of the appraisal report, which FI had done anyway.  
  • I used Jewelers Mutual but they're all pretty much the same. Get appraisal, send that and some money. 
  • Good info... I am going to look into them! 
  • I added my ring to my HO policy.  But, please please schedule your ring.  I work in insurance, and hate having to tell someone who lost their $10,000 ring that they have a policy that will give them only 1 or 2K for it.
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