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Sweets recipes?

My parents are going on a trip for their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend and I wanted to make them some sweets to take along plus have some for me and FI since we are having movie night Friday. I'm not very talented in the cooking department...So does anyone have any yummy easy sweets recipes? Please and thank you :)
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Re: Sweets recipes?

  • Chocolate-y or not?  Fruity or not? 

    If you want something from a mix, go with lemon bars.  They're fairly fool-proof, and you can dust powered sugar on top so no one will suspect they came from a box.

    If you're willing to make something from scratch, I think peanut butter cookies are a good way to go. 

    If you want pie, buy a pre-made crust in the frozen section.  I like the ones that are in the foil tin.  I like this chocolate chip cookie pie.  I had to bake it for about 60-65 minutes though.  http://www.lovefromtheoven.com/2011/03/14/chocolate-chip-cookie-pie-for-pi-day/

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  • That pie looks awesome! I may just have to make pie!
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  • This recipe for choclate cake doesn't have eggs in it.

    Even my brother-in-law liked it, and he doesn't eat many sweets.  I wouldn't recommend the peanut butter frosting for a beginner.  It was a pain to work with.  If you want to be brave a frost a cake, I'd recommend store-bought frosting.  
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    Best chocolate cookie recipe ever:
    Don't overbake them, 8 min is good.

    Another fun no-bake one I've done is make Rice Krispie squares (regular recipe) but use Trix or Froot Loops instead, it makes them all colourful and delicious.

  • Oreo Truffle Balls! Very easy and tasty!

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  • Cake mix cookies. So easy. My DH loves how fast they are. You can find recipes all over the place.
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    [QUOTE]Oreo Truffle Balls! Very easy and tasty! <a href="http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-oreo-truffles/" rel="nofollow">http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-oreo-truffles/</a>
    Posted by FaithCaitlin[/QUOTE]

    Love oreo truffles.  A note about melting chocolate.  You should do this is a double boiler.  If you don't have one, find a glass bowl that will nestle over a pot.  Boil water in the pot.  Steam will melt the chocolate in the bowl.  It takes a while, but this way you don't burn the chocolate.
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