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Seating Card Question

This might sound silly, but for the seating cards, can you just do first names with the first initial of people for those with the same names?

I'm still waiting on final names from people bringing guests, but my fiance hasn't been getting last names. 

(Honestly, I don't really care, but are we breaking some kind of etiquette no-no here if we don't do last names?  It turns out I offended people by addressing invitations to [First Name] [Last Name] rather than Mr and Mrs [Man First] [Man Last])

If I should be using last names, is it bad if we have some of the guests with just the first name?

Re: Seating Card Question

  • mattycammattycam member
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    I think first and last name can prevent potential confusion however, if you cannot get everyone's last name then use the first name and possibly in brackets who they arrived with. For example, John (Guest of Susan Smith).

  • Do you mean if Jane Smith, Jane Doe and Jane Bell were attending you'd write them as "J. Smith; Jane D. and Jane B.?  If you are concerned about following etiquette, then yes, on the escort cards you will need to post First Name and Last Name. 

    For example, what if you also have John Doe and Jane Doe attending and are not attending together?  Will you write J. Doe at Table 7 and J. Doe at Table 5?   As Mattycam said, it will leave people less confused and less offended.
  • Thanks for the insight guys!
    We have a few Rob's and John's - what I was thinking originally was we could just do first name, last name initial (like below):
    Rob A.
    Rob B.
    John A..
    John B.
    John C.

    and then all other guests would be just their first name.

    Names would then have the table number listed as well, so guests know what table to go to.

    I may need to rethink that though, if it seems confusing/might offend, and use mattycam's suggestion of noting the guest someone came with.

    On the day of, do you organize alphabetically by first name or last name?
  • I have seen seating charts arranged alphabetically which makes it easier for people to find their names out of a large number of people. Since you don't know everyone's last name, you may have to organize by first name.
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