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I'm not sure...

My boyfriend and I just recently got engaged. We are very not traditional and now that we are planning a wedding, we are confused. My parents are together but never married, and his parents are extreamly religious so they aren't much help.
I love my engagement ring, and I thought that was it. You get an engagement ring and that's the one you wear forever, but now I'm seeing "Wedding rings."
Basically, my question is... do you have to have a wedding ring? Can I just wear my engagement ring?

Re: I'm not sure...

  • You totally can.  Many people do, just as others wear only wedding bands and no engagement ring.  You could even do the whole thing without any ring.  Completely your call.
  • No, you do not have to have a wedding band, having one will not make you any more or less married, You do not even need to have an engagement ring either. Some women only have a wedding band.

    It is whatever you want to wear. 
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  • Most people get engaged with an engagement ring and then slip on the wedding band during the wedding (with this ring, I thee wed).  However, if you only want to wear one that is totally fine.
  • Ditto pp. The only thing, should you choose to wear just the e-ring only is people may ask you when you are getting married. Just simply tell them that you already are, just chose not to get a band or wear it or whatever the case maybe.
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