Golden gardens bathhouse

Has anyone here had a wedding there? We have decided to go the route of renting a space and getting a caterer an everything instead of getting married somewhere where we need to use their carton, etc.

Is it cheaper to do it his way? Even with linen rentals and everything? We are having 120-140 guests and want to stay in the 20-25k range.

Re: Golden gardens bathhouse

  • I have not had my wedding there, but the Bathhouse is beautidul.  Mine will be at the Hall at Fauntleroy, we are going with thei in house catering (Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes). With the venue rental (booth rooms), food and alcohol etc and everything we will be under 20k. Our guest list is 200.I have heard that either way it comes out about the same, but I couldn't be sure.
  • I love that space. We looked into using it but it was booked the weekend we wanted. I have no idea how much it'll cost you with linen rentals and stuff. We were going a less formal route.
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