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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Bantaa's Catering

Hi ladies!

I saw someone mention Bantaa's Le Fleur de Lis & Catering in another post and was wondering if more of you were familiar with them. Their prices are great, but I know that sometimes you get what you pay for... Any good or bad experiences you could share would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Bantaa's Catering

  • Robynlee615Robynlee615 member
    edited December 2011
    They are wonderful!!!!!! You get way more than you pay for!!!! I'm using them next March and he actually did my dad's wedding last year! And I've been to several weddings he's done!! And very nice man!!! :)
  • edited December 2011

    FYI: I dont know about the food, but when I talked to them they told me they didn't work at my venue (shaw ctr), bummer b/c the prices are great.

  • edited December 2011
    The food is definitely worthy, I've heard MANY compliments and reccommendations to them. They provide more than enough food and allow you to take it home afterwards as well. If I can get a venue that allows outside catering they will cater for my reception (:
  • edited December 2011
    I have heard good things about them also!
  • jrichouxjrichoux member
    edited December 2011
    Not to just say ditto, to everything that has been said, but, here goes- DITTO.  I have gotten good recs on them also.
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