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Engraving wedding bands?

FI and I just picked out our wedding bands, but we're up in the air over whether to engrave them or not.  I like the idea, but I have no idea what it would say.  Are you ladies engraving your bands, and if so, what are you putting on it if you don't mind sharing?

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Re: Engraving wedding bands?

  • We're not engraving our bands. 
    My band is super skinny, and he said he didn't want his engraved if he couldn't get mine engraved.
  • I plan to engrave the FIs - I'll probably put our wedding date :)
  • I'm not.  I hadn't even heard of it before TK....what are you supposed to even engrave?  I just wouldn't want to spend the money on something no one is going to see, and that is going to wear off after years of daily use.
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  • We had ours engraved with our wedding date - it didn't cost us anything so we did it.  Our jeweler was already adding something to the inside of my ring so he said he would just do the engraving too.  :)
  • I would like to, but my band is really thin, and it would be weird to just have FI's engraved and not mine.
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  • Just got asked this yesterday and I'm not sure what we're going to do... date is nice... can't think of a just us saying yet

  • Possibly his, still thinking about it.  If I do, it'll probably be the date with our pet name for each other. Mine won't be getting engraved.
  • We are. Our jeweler did it for free. We had our wedding date engraved with the word 'always' (besides the obvious, it also has special meaning to me and FI)
  • I'd like to get ours engraved, but I have no clue what to put in it. Our jewelers (we got our rings from different places) will do the engraving for free at any point. I just figured when I think of something, I'll have it added in, even if it's after the wedding. We don't have pet names for each other so that's not an option, but I wanted something more unique than our wedding date.

    My sister suggested writitng on the inside of his ring "Put your ring back on!"
  • I'm havinga similar debate with myself. 

    My band can't be engraved (its openwork) but FI's band can. And I can get the jeweler to engrave something on it without FI knowing so it could be this cute little surprise.

    But what?
  • We are.  It's actually something FI & I are super excited about.  In undergrad we were both lit majors, so we're choosing a line from either a favorite poem or book for each other's ring.  Right now my top choices for him are:

    "i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)" (e.e. cummings)


    "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." (Emily Bronte)

    It's not something I thought I'd ever be interested in doing since I'm not usually very sentimental, but being able to add a literary quote makes it really meaningful to me - especially since we first met each other in an Early American literature class!

  • We actually just recently decided not to engrave ours. We had thought about it and I liked the idea but then we were thinking, to spend money on it when no one else will see it and we wont look at it THAT much... we just decided not to.
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