Photo Booths

Photo booths in the Lancaster area?
List as many as you can think of! :)

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Re: Photo Booths

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    Mixed-Up Productions
    Katy Trefry

    We used Katy because MUP didn't have a photo booth last year.  That being said we totally would have used MUP since they were our dj!  :)  Good Luck!
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    I second Katy Trefry
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    I totally apologize for questioning on an unrelated topic. What is your opinion on MUP??

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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:107Discussion:7109b664-3d3d-49d2-ac2a-ff95aa14676bPost:c9af545c-7227-45e4-a7f1-04dae8edeebe">Re: Photo Booths</a>:
    [QUOTE]I totally apologize for questioning on an unrelated topic. What is your opinion on MUP??
    Posted by jrkjpf[/QUOTE]

    I replyed on your MUP post.

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    We are using DJ Freeze. We have him djing for  5 hours and the photobooth(with attendent) with unlimited photos for 3.
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    will Katy Trefry work with you for photo booth if you arnt having her do your photography as well?! thanks
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    Ole and his team are incredibly awesome! Ole gets to know who you are individually and as a couple and he personalizes everything for you! My fiance` Dave is a huge Nintendo fiend and Ole found a used Duck Hunt gun at GoodWill, so those little things are what make a difference and what people will remember at the wedding.
    I even asked him if we can make save the date postcards out of a photobooth picture, and he of course said yes!  The photobooth isn't just your traditional strips. (but they can be if you wish) They come in 4x6 format and he designs a background and even picks out fabric specific to your wedding colors to have your wedding unique. He's just the nicest guy, and I'm glad we're going with him!
    I suggest you at the very least meet up with Ole and see what he has to offer.
    Good Luck with your wedding planning!

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