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Hello Knotties,
I saw the post below about Hall's catering, and I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this group? I did have one caterer in mind, and then something happened that has made me hold back on mailing the deposit! So I wanted to explore some other opportunities while I think! Hall's is so inexpenisve, so I wondered what their service was like, and the quality of their food was like?

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    That's who I am using for my wedding. My aunt used them for her wedding, my hairdresser used them for her functions, one of my closest friends went to a reception where they had their food and  all the reviews have been great. I spoke to them not too long ago and they provide a lot of good food for a low price. When I asked why, they compare prices and make them just a little lower. Since it's a family operated place, I guess this helps out a lot in saving money for the customer. I know that I have seen them everywhere doing all different sorts of functions. I also like that you can go to their restaurant and try the food when it's convenient for you. Actually my bridal party wants to go with my FI and I when we go to their restaurant and taste the food.
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    Thanks, that is really helpful. I knew they had a cafeteria downtown and I think my FI are going to go try them sometime in the next two weeks. I am waiting on a packet from them in the just seemed to good to be true with their I wondered if the set up looked cheap or something?? Their cost is literally half of the other caterer I thought about using...and with over 500 guests, that is a figure I just have to consider!! It would save us thousands of dollars. But I don't want to cut corners just to save money and have cheap quality...Thanks for your input
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    If you look back through other posts on the Louisville and Kentucky boards, I think there are a couple of mentions of them.  As best I recall, most are good, maybe one or two comments of brides being less pleased than they hoped, but I don't remember anything awful.  I have zero personal experience with them, though.  You might google them for other reviews, too.
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