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Did you do the warrior dash today? How did it go?

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Re: *MrsAshleyP*

  • I did do it!!
    I am more used to running on a treadmill in AC so it was a little tough since it was so hot!! When FI and I left our house we didn't even think about sunscreen because there was so much cloud cover... needless to say I am hoping these tan lines from my tank top will fade. I even have a little spot where mud was sitting on my back and the sun tanned around that. UGH!!! 6 day sto go, so I could maybe hit the tanning bed once or twice. 

    Anyway, the race was fantastic. We walked a lot mostly because there were SO many people there you just couldn't get past them. The obstacles weren't anywher enear as hard as I expected, so I breezed past them. The very end was a pool of mud built into the ground. You step in thinking its only a foot or so and it ended up being about 3.5 feet deep. The tutu and veil that I wore (same once from my bachelorette party) got so heavy I had to rip them off at the end. I'd post pics but the image loader on here isn't popping up :(

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  • Congrats.  It sounds like a good time.  I saw some photos on FB from friends.  Very messy.

    August 2012 - Married! Follow Me on Pinterest
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