Wedding Dress Shops in Indy?

I'll be in town next weekend to meet with our planner and some vendors. I know it's short notice and the week of the race of course, so I may not be so lucky with finding shops that are open....but which ones are the best?

I have been looking here locally in Iowa (wedding will be in Terre Haute), but have not found an instant winner. Just looking for recommendations and info about your experiences! Thank you!!
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Re: Wedding Dress Shops in Indy?

  • I got my dress at Bridal Superstore on 82nd St.  They were fantastic!  Nancy's Bridal also seemed pretty nice.  There is also Brides by Demetrios (seems a little more expensive) and David's Bridal (dresses look a little cheap) on 82nd as well.  I went to Sophia's Bridal on the south side and hated it...they kept pulling dresses out of my price range and didn't help me in and out of dresses.  
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    I got mine from Special Occasions and Consignments in Greenwood. Large selection of dresses starting at $99. The owner is in the shop every day and not out to make a killing. I even got my flower girl dresses there. She is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays though. The shop is on US 31 in Greenwood. Main  St is the cross street. It is in a strip mall with Dinette Land and a few other stores.
  • I got mine at Ella Park Bridal... they have a website that has every single dress they have on there...

    My dress was orig 1500.00 and I got it for 319.00 including the bag.
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