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Did you ask your bridesmaids to all wear the same earings, necklaces, purses, and so on? If yes, did you purchase them or did each gal get their own? They are paying for their own Nordstrom dresses, but I already bought stunning 18K gold Seiko watches as gifts for my bridesmaids. So now I am wondering if I should have purchased matching jewelry instead. What did you do?

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    I let my BMs wear whatever they wanted in terms of jewelry. :)

    it gave me more money to buy fun stuff for them (cute compacts from anne taintor, awesome clutch/wristlets from Etsy that matched their styles, etc).
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    I let my girls where whatever jewelry they wanted.  Mostly because it was one less thing for me to think about, lol.
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    Because I wanted my bridesmaids to wear the same jewelry, I bought it myself.  But I considered it a wedding expense (since I did it for me and the overall look of my wedding) and got them a seperate gift.

    I think it depends on your BM dresses and style, and the style of your BMs, if you ask them to wear their own jewelry or all matching. 

    I'm standing up in a wedding this summer and the bride would like us all to buy matching shoes.  I'm OK with this - I consider it an expense to stand in her wedding.  But it does eat away at my overall budget for her wedding. 

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    I took care of the jewely for my BM because I didn't want them to have to spend anything besides the dress and shoes.  It was a hard time for both of them and I didn't wnat them to have to worry about the extra expense.
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    I'm letting them wear what ever they have .  I got jewelry for a wedding once and wore it that day and never again.  I rather spend the money on their gift and get them something they will use more.
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    I'm letting my girls pick their own because they all have really different styles...and to be honest- I have 7 bridesmaids and buying bracelets and earrings for them adds up!
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    My mom is an artist and she made all of the girls jewlery.  I just asked that it be simple.  She made each of the girls a pair of earings and a bracelet.    I am giving it to them the night before the wedding at the rehursal dinner.
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