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Teen Relatives and guest

I have many cousins who will be attending my wedding. They are all in the 16 to 20 range. I am curious about when I send the invitation to my family if I should allow them to bring guests as well. I know some of them are in relationships but with teenagers you never know how long they will last. I am allowing my maid of honor who is one of my cousins and is only 20 to bring a guest and my mother says I should allow my brothers to bring guests. SO i am curious if the same thing should be allowed for cousins.

Re: Teen Relatives and guest

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    We have the same problem, lol.  What we decided to do was anyone who was over the age of 18 will get an invite sent to them including a guest.  Anyone under 18, they will be included on the invitation with their parents.  I hope this helps
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    It would depend on two things:

    1. Do you want a bunch of teenagers at your wedding?  For us we wanted people we knew to be there to share our special day with us.  I didn't want to look out into the ceremony and see a bunch of faces I didnt know.  I also didn't want pictures of a bunch of people I didn't know.

    2. Is inviting all of these people within your budget? 

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    I probably wouldn't include "and guest" on any of the invites.  That being said, if any of them are in long term, serious relationships it would be considered.  There's a big difference in age/maturity from 16 to 20.
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