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Another Royal Wedding?

Because I look at when it's slow at work I came across this:,,20395222_20524408,00.html

I kind of like her whole getup but thought I'd share it with the opininated NEY ladies! I like that the royal weddings are bringing sleeves back into wedding fashion. I was kind of getting sick of seeing strapless A-lines...there's nothing wrong with them....I just like seeing different things. Discuss!
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Re: Another Royal Wedding?

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    I don't personally care for her dress...but I do agree that it is nice to see some variety. I loved Kate's dress and I've also noticed more sleeves of various lengths since her wedding. I also think it's nice to have more options on sleeves because many religious buildings will not allow bare shoulders.
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    I was going to post about the wedding the other day but didn't get around to it. My thoughts are on a slightly different tangent. The recent Royal weddings and Kardashian extravaganza weddings blow my mind on how much these people spend. Even if I had that money, I can never imagine even coming close to a percentage of what they spend.
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    I do like her dress...  I had a jacket made instead of adding sleeves for modesty.  there was only one dress we found that already had sleeves/jacket when I was shopping, but after the Royal Wedding they were everywhere!  I was just a little early to the trend I guess.  :)  and it is nice to see variety instead of the same style over and over.
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