New to The Knot... Anyone else from Newfoundland??

I know it is a stretch but I just want to see if there was anyone else on here from Newfoundland (St. Johns specifically). I am having a hard time finding local resources so any help would be great!

Re: New to The Knot... Anyone else from Newfoundland??

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    I'm not from Nfld myself, but my fiance is! I can't really be of much help to you, but just wanted to comment on how lucky you are to live there.. we were just there at the end of July for the George Street Festival Cool
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    I'm sorry I wouldn't be much help... but just wanted to give a congrats!! We're actually going to be going out East for our honeymoon.
    Good luck with planning!!
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    Welcome! I'm not from NL but just wanted to say hi. According to the Canada bio, there is one other NL bride - Shari 86 - but I haven't seen her around in a while.

    Anyway if you want to be added to the Canada brides list, let me know! See info in sticky post at the top of this board.
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    Though not from the Rock, I was MOH in St. John's. I remember going over often to do planning, etc. so we met with lots and lots of vendors before decisions were made. Specifically I remember things( like the florist -Howse of Flowers in Mt. Pearl, pics taken at Bowring Park, etc) that might help you decide. Let me know!
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    Hi!! *jumps up and down* I'm not from NL but I lived there for almost 5 years (gotta love me some MUN!).  I don't know how much help I can be but fire away any questions and I'll see what I can do to help!

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    I'm here in NL, but planning my wedding for Saskatchewan. I think I am as clueless if not more clueless than you however :(

    Best of luck my love!

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    yay I am so glad I came across this thread!
    I am originally from Labrador. Now living in Newfoundland.
    We're in Placentia. I go out to St. John's on the occasional weekend looking at things for the wedding :)
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    I'm from Newfoundland.... and residing in St. John's!
    Getting married in 2013, but starting the initial planning stages now because some of the waitlists are 1-2 years. 
    Who else is from NL and getting hitched? :) 

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