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Last post from the Miss side

So I haven't even started writing this and I'm already emotional. I'm sure by now you know I'm a crier. :-)  Nerves, pms and stress aren't helping much either.

None the less, the time has come for me to write this last post. I debated if I should or not because I really don't want to leave this board. So saying "last post" is kinda morbid in a way, but I digress.

Even though I've planned my wedding for the last 20+ years in my head and on paper (I have binders to proof it! lol), this last year of actual planning has been a rollercoaster ride.  I wish I could have found this site and you girls WAY sooner than I did. The girls here have been an integral part of my sanity, the planning process and even everyday life.

You girls have let me vent from my mother issues to my marshmallow meltdowns! lol

Thank you for the constant support, the surprising friendships, the laughter, the tears and all the ideas.

For my own sanity I will not address each girl  that has touched my heart in special ways. I cannot, simply because my head already hurts from crying. If I address you individually I'm gonna loose it.

Therefore, let me just say this... You girls are spectacular!!! I've had the incredible honor of meeting some of you in person, attend some of your weddings and amazingly consider you a friend. I say amazingly because I'm not a person to get close fast or make close friends easily. I've had the same circle of friends consisting of 3 girls almost all my life. So for me to consider you girls friends is a big step for me in opening up more to the world. I've been closed up for a long time. You girls have given me so much more than you realize... so much more than just wedding stuff or puppies and rainbows.  As some might know, I live up here in the boonies and I don't know anyone up here. My family and friends are all down in Miami or elsewhere... and the beginning stages of this planning were kinda rough because of it. It sounds kinda silly to others outside of this board, but I'm so thankful and blessed to have found you ladies. THANK YOU!!!  I am sure some of you will not be able to get rid of me for a long time to come. :-)

My advice to you girls at the starting point of this fun, crazy, manic, stressful, awesome time is simple. 1st - Breathe! Any time you feel the crazy starting... take a moment and breathe. 2nd - Do as much as you can, as early as you can. Trust me... this is important. You do not want to be extra stressed because of unfinished projects. And 3rdly, but most importantly remember why you are doing this. When family drama arises, when BM or FILs cause you unnecessary stress, remember that at the end of this long dark tunnel there is a light.. a bright one... your future husband waiting for you to be his wife, to start a new chapter in your lives from that moment on. It's not about the kind of food you'll have at the reception, what color the bridesmaids shoes are or even what kind of flowers. All that is icing on the cake.... wedding cake in this case. This wedding is about YOU and HIM! Not your mom's, not your sisters, not your bridesmaids or anyone else that wants to have a say, regardless if they are forking over money or not. If they want a say in the wedding planning, tell them to plan their own! This one is yours!  Try not to let the selfishness of others ruin this wonderful time for you. Many have tried and at times I have let them, but I realize now that I was wrong in allowing them to dictate what should be and letting them get to me. 

In 4 days many years of planning will come to fruition. I pray that everyone is healthy enough to make it to the wedding, I pray that the weather continues to be my friend and stays beautiful (just in case... please send me many good weather vibes for this weekend, but especially SUNDAY!), I pray that the glitches are minor and insignificant. I pray that my period behaves and decides to hold off a few more days or come TODAY so that I can be less bloated by Sunday. I pray that these stress things (pimples, swollen lip and stomach issues) go away. And ultimately I pray that as of Sunday 5ish, I am a happy, beautiful bride standing next to Alex (trying not to cry my eyes out) saying I DO for the rest our lives. 

 I wish you girls lots of happiness in your planning and infinite happiness in your marriage!

Congrats to you all. Thank you again for EVERYTHING you girls have given me in these last few months.

See ya all next week!!

Much love!

Re: Last post from the Miss side

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    have the most amazing wedding ever!!!
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    AWWW!!!! I hope you have a gorgeous day!!!!!!
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    I will send all the weather vibes possible yor way on Sunday. You are going to look amazing and I'm sure all your DIY's will be the hit of the wedding. You are so creative and I am amazed at the things you put together.
    Thank you so much for recommending Nellie, shes great so far!
    Thank you for always helping me and giving me advice on planning my special day.
    Can't wait to see photos and seeing the first MRS picture :) XOXO
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    I can't believe you are already getting married.  Best of luck.  Smile
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    Have an Amazing day!! Everything will look beautiful and can't wait to see pics!
    ~Weather vibes~
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    omg i can not believe its your last post (well as a MISS only i hope! LOL)... I can NOT wait to see pics...girl your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! lots and lots of weather vibes for the whole weekend and some period vibes as well... :) I wish you the best on your wedding day and that your marriage (more even so then your wedding) be a beautiful long lasting one! :) You are a wonderful person and have been a GREAT help to everyone on here... don't leave us or we will hunt you down!!! :)
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    Im wishing you the most amazing day ever! I hope its fantastic just like you
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    Such amazing sentiments!  Have a wonderful wedding day and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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    Rosmery, I hope you have an amazing wedding day, as I'm sure you will. All your hard work will pay off in the end.

    That is some great advise you gave, and more of us should listen to it.

    ::Weather Vibes:: 
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    ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY lol is the key word of the big day and don't let ANYTHING bother you =) I hope you have an amazing time and I wish happiness and more love in your future.

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    AAAAWWW, I'm going to miss seeing your name here =(.

    Sending you lots of good weather vibs and wishing you a beautiful wedding day and a long, happy marriage =)
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    eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ros!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you in that gorgeous dress with that gorgeous veil!! I'm praying for clear skies and cooler weather! I hope you and Alex have a long happy life together!!
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    Good luck!

    And thank you for that post...I needed to hear that, with all the drama going on with my mom this week. :)
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    I hope you have an AMAZING DAY - cant' wait to see pics!!!!
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    Your wedding will be wonderful!! congrats and just have the best time of your life!!
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    Have an AMAZING day! Sending weather vibes your way!! I have really enjoyed your posts....you always made me laugh!!! :) Can't wait to see pics!!
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    AHHHH! Enjoy your special day. I'm surely gonna miss you around here!
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    awe, your post definetly made me swallow a hard lump in my throat, and not cry while reading it. (FI would start to laugh at me) You have been super helpful to me and it was soooo sooo great to meet you. Hope your day is everything you wanted it to be and beyond.. And all the weather vibes to you!!!
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    From the first second I read a post from you, I knew you were wonderful!! So honest, so helpful, so creative, so giving, and so loving!!

    Just a few more days until you are putting on your wedding dress, I hope the day is more than you ever imagined it to be as you and Alex become husband and wife. I am so thankful for your friendship and laughs, I am sooo blessed! I will pray that your day is clear of rain and that it is filled with lots of love from your friends and family. I can't wait to see you. <3 Love you!
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    Congrats on finally getting to this day! I loved your "last" post. I hope you have a wonderful spectacular amazing wedding day FULL of happy tears :) I'll send you vibes for great weather and expect to see you back here chattin with us ... and maybe soon on etsy? :)
    Congrats chica!!

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    I truly hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be...you totally deserve it, girl!
    Can't wait to see the photos :)

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    AW, your day will be amazing i am sure. weather vibes your way. Cant wait to see pics!!
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    your going to be sooo beautiful! have an amazing wedding day!!!
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    Rose...  I cannot wait. You're going to be beautiful!
    I know you've had to break through a few walls to get here, but you did it. You are amazingly strong and a beautiful person, inside and out. Enjoy your day lovie! 
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    Have an amazing wedding, sending weather vibes your way.  And I KNOW you will be an absolutely gorgeous bride on Sunday :)  Can't wait for you to come back and share your reviews and pictures!

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    yay its your time, have fun and enjoy every moment!!! cant wait to see pics!!
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