I'm officially in the Single Digits!!!!

I have 9 days to go Ladies. I'm sooooooo excited. Things have been really stressful these past couple of weeks: received more rsvp's than expected, DH decided to "get involved" and make changes, I had a few vendor scares, added things up and found out I spent waaaaaay more than planned, but I just took a moment to take it all in and it's all worth it.

I'm marrying my high school sweetheart AGAIN and I love him just as much as I did 16 years ago. I'm glad we waited until now and can afford for me to have the wedding of my dreams.

Now if I could just get the weather to cooperate. Am I the only one stalking every weather site available? I'm praying for a forecast change Smile

Re: I'm officially in the Single Digits!!!!

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