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How long did your make-up last?

I waited until the last minute to book a make-up artist for my Aug. 11 wedding. Her only available slot it 9:00 a.m. It's a small town, so other options are very limited. My wedding is at 5:00 with a reception that will go until 11:30 pm. Is it realistic to expect my make up to last that long?

Re: How long did your make-up last?

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    I got my makeup done at 10 am for my 6 pm wedding. It was still perfect at 3am when I scrubbed it off.
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  • Mine stayed... You can bring a coouple fixers like clush if you want. Most prof. make up artists pack on the concealer and foundation so that shouldn't budge. 

    Honestly, you'll be so busy taht you won't worry about it come the day :) I didn't think about how my make up looked ONCE all night.. I totally even forgot about lipstick/gloss until my sister would run over and apply it on me (such an amazing sister). 
  • Mine was put on at 1pm.  At 3am when I went to take it off it was all still there. 

    If your concerned definitely have your MA use setting spray or just spray a little on yourself.  If you don't have any a little hairspray will work too.
  • I had airbrush, and it lasted from 1PM on the wedding day until the following evening, when I scrubbed it off.  It all depends of the type of makeup you are using.

    I definitely ate the lipstick off, though.  But I do that all the time, so it was not a concern of mine.
  • Whew! I feel much better. Thanks for the feedback, ladies, and congrats on your new marriages!
  • It was super hot and humid on our wedding day, so I think that affects it a little bit. I got make-up at 9 AM and it was still good for our ceremony at 3. When it started to come off a little was when we took pics outside and I was sweating, so I touched up prior to the reception.

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  • It probably depends on your skin type.  Mine stayed on but my face is super oily so it got shiny pretty quickly.  I had airbrush makeup. 
    It looked fine in photos though.


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  • I used Urban Decay's All Night fixer spray, and my make up looked great the next day when I woke up! They have a little travel size one you can get for like $10. Your MUA should have some, but I would pick some up to be on the safe side. I did a test run a few days prior, and I was able to wipe my eyes with the back of my hands and it barely smudged.
  • I also had airbrush. It was applied around 130 for the 5pm ceremony. Our entire event was outside and it was pretty warm. Makeup was still intact when I woke up the next morning.
  • Mine stayed all day, and still looked great in the wee hours of the morning when I (sadly) had to take it off.
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  • I recommend airbrush make up.  I got mine done at 11:00am.  It stayed in tact all day until I took it off at the hotel around midnight.
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  • Mine was done at around 10a and lasted till the end of the night around 2a. My sister had hers done around 8a and hers still looked great as well. I have oily skin so I kept those blotter papers in my bag but didn't even really need those.
  • I did my own make up around 10 am (I had a noon ceremony), and I touched it up after the ceremony for pics (prob didn't have too but I had the time) and it would probably have lasted till we left around 10 pm or later but my husband decided we would smash our cake in our faces and it was such a rich butter cream, I had to use a baby wipe to get the greasy off which also took off most of my makeup.
  • I did my makeup myself and I used Makeup Forever. It lasted the whole night through sweat and tears from 2:30 p.m.  to about 3:00 a.m. I had to use blotting papers throughout the day, but the majority of it stayed fine.
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