Did you see a mock up of your flowers?

I just started checking out florists and I'm a little confused.  The first florist gave us a price and didnt' mention a mock up and since it was our first, we neglected to ask.  The second florist said that after she received a deposit, she would do mock ups.  But, what if we don't like what she does, she has our deposit?  The third florist said she would do mockups for half price.  Is there a reasonably priced florist who will do mock ups so we can see what we are paying for before we shell out a lot of money?  What was your experience with florists?

Re: Did you see a mock up of your flowers?

  • I booked my florist due to high recommendation.  She told me after I paid a small deposit ($100),  that she would do mock ups....they werent what I wanted and she gladly changed them :)
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  • I am using Carl Alan and they do mock ups at your consult before you shell out one dime. That is one of the major reasons we decided to go with them.

    Another florist said if I was spending over $3k she would do a mockup a week before.

    Another would also do a mockup a few days ahead.

    I preferred to see exactly what I was getting before putting out any money. But I think all florists have different policies.
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