New SW PA/Fayette County Bride!

Hello all!  FIrst post here!

My fiance and I got engaged in October.  I'm originally from southwestern PA (Greene/Fayette Counties) and live in DC now, but we are planning a wedding back home for next October.  Our ceremony/reception venue is Stonehenge Lodge in Acme.  We're going with a rustic chic/fall/vintage-y theme (maybe we need to narrow that down a bit...).

I have a couple questions for the board, but I'll put those in separate posts.  We'll definitely be looking for vendor recs in Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, or for Pittsburgh vendors that will travel all the way out to our venue.  For now, I just wanted to introduce myself!


Re: New SW PA/Fayette County Bride!

  • Congrats and welcome!! Stonehenge is very pretty.

    I've been around these boards for a while and I will tell you that there probably won't be a ton of vendor recs for the Fayette County area. However, I grew up down that way and my sister recently had her wedding in the area, so I will try to give any recs I can.

  • Welcome and congratulations!!! :) I just moved from DC, I miss it so much so I'm super jealous of you! haha. It sounds like you're going to have a really gorgeous wedding, I love the theme!
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  • If you can make it home for them, attend some of the local bridal shows. The Uniontown Bridal Association showcases Fayette County vendors (their bridal show should be coming up as bridal season kicks off) Also, the Bride Show in Greensburg is February 10th and has a lot of vendors from Westmoreland/ Pittsburgh area. And even if you can't physically make it to a show, you can always check out their websites for a listing of vendors who attended, then research into them.  Congrats from one SWPA bride to another! Smile
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    A lot of vendors will go within 100 miles or so without a travel fee- atleast that's what they told me. What kind of vendors you looking for?

    I would get on this really fast- I was originally looking at your date and there was very limited number of vendors still available!

    One DJ told me this is THE most popular day next year.
  • Thanks everybody!

    Leoael - That's a great idea.  I didn't realize there was a show coming up.  I may try to go to the one in Greensburg.

    Ash241 - It figures that I'd pick THE most popular day to have my wedding :).  A lot of photographers we've called are booked but we found a few that are available.  I thought it might be too early to book a DJ but maybe it's not.  I emailed some stylists today and plan to email some florists tomorrow I think.
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