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Wedding Dj

Was just seeing if anyone can recommend a great DJ service for my wedding that isnt over $1000?  That isnt corny lol i know thats broad and somepeoples idea of corny is different than mine but I just want someone very professional.  And does anyone have anything to say about selective sound entertainment?  good or bad?



Re: Wedding Dj

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    We booked The Dj Crew.  They have 16 DJs avaliable and you get two that do your wedding, which is kind of nice.  I've heard them at a few weddings and loved them at each.  They've been easy to work with so far. 

    Their price is $1,000 for five hours, but if you use my name as a referral (Rachele Alpine, July 23, 2011 wedding), you'll get $50.00 off the price.

    If you want to add another hour, they'll ask during the reception and you pay $50.00 cash for each addition 1/2 hour.

    We called around to a lot of places and they were responibly priced compared to some of the other places where you only get one DJ and pay more.
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    Also, if anyone else is interested in booking the DJ Crew, please use my name as a referral (Rachele Alpine, July 23 wedding) and you'll get $50.00 off the price!  If you want to PM me with any questions, I'd be happy to talk about my experience with them.
  • starlite21lstarlite21l
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    I am using A Bride's DJ.  I am paying ~$600 for 5 hours.  I have been in contact with the owner multiple times and she is WONDERFUL!  
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  • SarahM2012SarahM2012
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    I'm using Jerry Bruno Prioductions, DJ DC.  They have been very easy to work with and fast responses even with the holidays.  I'm paying 750 for 5 hrs.
  • maggsbeckmaggsbeck
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    I'm using a Bride's DJ too. They also offer an awesome lighting package. 
  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma
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    We're going with the DJ company.  So far so good but my wedding isn't untl next october!  I've also heard good things about Midnight Music DJ.
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    We're using a guy named Rick from RNB Entertainment.  He's a single DJ who runs his own business.  He's extremely nice and plays at Smokey Bones in N. Olmsted on Fridays.  We're paying $845 for 5 hours of music AND the ceremony.  It was tough trying to find a DJ for the ceremony because they want like $200 to $300 in addition to the reception price.  But since our ceremony location is very close to his home in N. Olmsted he's only charging us $150.  Since he's his own company and not contracting out to 15 different DJs he's more willing to negotiate prices.  If you look into him tell him Jennifer (wedding date 9-17-11) sent you.  :-)
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