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  • Great article!  Personally I find it hard to keep track of portion sizes unless I pull out my measuring cups every time I get something to eat (which I'm too lazy to do most of the time).  Thanks for the reminder!
  • I keep measuring cups in the drawer right next to the stove so that I can portion everything out, I will also cook my own stuff separate (ie pasta) so that I can measure it out dry for myself.
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    Eating off a smaller plate really helps me with portion control.  Also  I started following recipes with measured porportions instead of just making dinner based on what I "think" is a serving.
  • I actually spent some time one day and measured out things that I often eat into the dishes that I always use so that I know what 1 cup of cereal/pasta and 1 tsp of jelly etc looks like.  I also usually err on the side of caution with portion sizes.
  • I do now. I measure out my cereal every morning.  Once I'm at a weight I'm happy with, I'll stop measuring/counting calories because I have a much better sense of what a "serving" is for my usual foods.

    I was astounded to realize that I was eating 2-3 servings of the foods that are so bad for you. 
  • I said always, but it's more almost always.  I try to stick with recipes that are portioned out, and I use my kitchen scale many times each day.

    I find it especially handy with cereal.  Just plop the bowl on the scale and pour until you hit 54g, then add another 100g of skim milk and BAM! there's breakfast.
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  • Good topic!  I'm really good about portion sizes; the portions necessary to satisfy me have always been smaller than a lot of peoples' (one restaurant entree usually lasts me an additional 2 meals, if not 3), so I don't always have to measure things out exactly, but I do stay conscious of it just in case.  Like those days when I'm extra hungry, I'll be a lot more careful because I might not realize how much I've eaten.  I've gotten very good at figuring out how big serving sizes should look.
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  • I always pay attention to portion size.  I have a couple different measuring cups and a food scale that is always out on my counter now. 
  • Haha, I'm the one who voted "I eat what I want, when I want". I just listen to my body... if I'm hungry I eat, if I'm not, I don't! I was raised on fruits and veggies and "weird-health-nut" food from my hippie parents, so that helps too I suppose.
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