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I Have an appointment with the Troy PC florist on Friday to go over wedding flowers. Has anyone had any experience with them? I hear great things about the Clifton park one but they won't deliver to Troy. Are they all run through the same people?
 Im planning on having my bouquet, 5BM bouquets, 6  GM boutineers (5+ my Fiances) then another 5 Corsages,5 Boutineers for family, about 19 Centerpieces, and maybe pew decorations but were not sure yet. We're having our reception in a restored barn so I want to keep all the flowers simple and wildflower looking, nothing too expensive. I'm hopeing they can be nice to our budget!!

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    OK,,, no answers But I did have my meeting  and it went well. I will find out the exact cost on monday. The girl there ( IM horrible, I didnt catch her name) was very friendly and helpful... especially with me and my 2 BM's who were quite scatterbrained and all over the place. But I think we all agreed on having a wildflower type bouquet and centerpieces (its for a barn reception) with a hydrangea in the center. (colors will be in bluse purples and whirtes) all the GM will wear a hydrangea with some ivy  and family will wear different colors of hydrangeas. I hope it looks as nice as im imagining! I'll re post once I have a cost on them!
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    I am using PC (although not the one in Troy) and was pleased with my meeting, the arrangements they showed me, and the price.  I am ordering two large arrangements for the church, 12 table centerpieces, 6 bridal bouquets, 6 boutonnieres and two corsages and the price was phenomenal!!  I know people who have used PC Florist for their weddings, too, and I have only heard good things about them, so I am pleased with my decision and not the least bit concerned about how everything will turn out :-)

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    I'm using Price Chopper, too! Only the one in Malone. My cousin used them for her wedding and was really happy with how her flowers turned out.
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    We just met with the Price Chopper in Glens Falls.  It went great.  I'm excited for our flowers.
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    I'm using a girl named Lisa who floats through different P chops. the prices are very reasonable. I've heard good things.
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    I'm a bridesmaid for a friend who is using the Troy PC as a florist. I didn't go to the meet-up with her but she said the woman was really friendly, sounded extremely professional and has been doing this for years. The prices were reasonable too!
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