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Eco-Friendly Weddings

Favor help, please!

We have a tree theme, and are trying to keep the whole event as "green" as possible.  I am also hoping to have the favors attached to the placecards.We thought that we would be having tree seedlings as favors, but are having strong second thoughts about that b/c I'm not sure that many of the guests will actually plant them properly before they die.Now I am thinking of offering a couple of my favorite chocolates[url]http://tinyurl.com/pud8q2[/url] at each place setting, and print the place cards on seeded paper - that way a donation is made, the guests get a yummy treat, and a plant of two grows without any major commitment by the guests.What do you think?  Any other ideas that go with our theme are very welcome!!

Re: Favor help, please!

  • We're doing "donation chips" for our favors.I'm going to collect buttons and similar things that we have laying around the house or our parents have.  I know my mom still has a big bag of buttons from when she made our clothes as kids haha.We're going to give each guest two buttons.  Each button is going to be worth $2.  Next to the bar we will have three clear jars set up with a slit on the top.  Each jar will be for a different charity.  Right now we're thinking the SPCA, Doctors Without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity.  We're even going to mark the jars with progress lines.  Maybe $20 increments?  We haven't decided yet.Anyway, guests can stick their buttons into the jar for the charity they like most, or split it between two charities.  We think this will be a nice way to get people involved in the charity giving rather than just telling people we gave money to a charity.
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    HI, Im looking for a eco friendly favor as well. I've seen the seeded paper idea and have to tell you as a botanist, this is really potentially very bad for the environment. Unless you are using only local natives seeds, which will stay and be planted in their native habitat, you are risking unleashing an invasive species into any of the places your guests will be going home to. This can be absolutely devastating on the environment. Ladies, please please think twice about any favors or gifts that involve seeds. It s a lovely thought, having someone plant something in honor of your wedding but it can horrible wrong. Ok ill get off my soapbox now. 
    I think charity donations are a great favor idea. or anything edible and local......
  • I think edible is good.
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