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so I am having a candy buffet at my wedding. Tiffany blue and black. HOWEVER finding exactly the same color that match the bags I bought seems to be difficult. The bag I have bought for my favors (the candy) to go in are slightly off from my invite, granted who is going to carry my invite to the wedding and color match it right?! BUT it's more of a green than a blue. What should I do? make shades of blue and greens as close as i can with black candy as well? Will it look stupid with mulitple shades of the color? I am trying to not go with a kid's party candy area but more of a sparkly Tiffany inspired one. Class with sparkle and elegance is what i'm looking for

Re: matching colors

  • You are WAY over-thinking this.  Nobody will notice or care that your invitations, favor bags, and candy don't exactly match.   If you're that worried about the candy, just do it in a variety of colors so it's not as noticeable.   
  • Get good candy.  No one wants to eat the crap that's all color coordinated.  I went to a wedding recently where the bride did this and I didn't take any of it.  And I love candy.
  • I agree with others that there's no need to color-coordinate the candy to the wedding colors since your bags match.  

    If you don't want to go completely random with the candy colors, consider doing something like black/chocolate, white, silver and gold.  It will give you the elegance you want, but it expands out your options to things like nice chocolates, truffles, toffee, peanut butter cups, dark chocolate mint patties, etc. in metallic wrappers.
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