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AW: The most magical 13.1 miles ever!

Hey everyone!  I am back and still floating from the Princess 1/2.  I went down with a couple of girl friends and such a blast.  The trip started off really great as we were driving through a small town and saw "Towmater" from Cars at a gas station.  So funny. 

We got to the expo and had our pictures taken with the Coach men infront of Cinderella's carriage and then right when I walked in the door I saw Snow White.  It was fate.  My first goal was to get a picture of Snow White.  So goal number one was checked off from the get go.  At the expo we heard Jeff Galloway speak which was totally inspiring and we all got Pixie Dust which made the day complete. 

The race was a little cold but it was so much fun I didn't even notice.  I got my picture at the castle which was goal number 2.  The song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson will never be the same again as that is what was played coming out of the Magic Kingdom.  There as one moment that I was just so tried and thought that I could not make it but I did power on. I think I might have cried about 8ish times on the course.  Not because of pain but because of all of the wonderful people around cheering everyone on and the volunteers. They are such a special group that I want to volunteer for one of their races (if I can make the cut Laughing). 

At mile 12ish was the most inspiring part to me.  There was this lady that was in a wheel chair that was holding a sign that said "I am a total stranger but I am so proud of you!"  I had to stop myself from crying really hard there because running and crying is not a good combo. 

I crossed the finish line which was goal number 3 and was met by a volunteer that hugged me and gave me a medal and I was met with Pixie Dust (second time this weekend). 

I have to say this was just such a wonderful experience.  The girls and I talked on the way home and we want to do the Coast To Coast Chanllenge which is a 1/2 at Disney World and a 1/2 at Disney Land. 

So here are some pictures! 

Me acting like Snow White


Back at the hotel which was to be our hot mess picture.  Princess Tiana lost her crown on the course. 

Of course the real Snow White

and last but not least 

Me and Towmater in the middle of no where!

Re: AW: The most magical 13.1 miles ever!

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