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Here is the recap.. with a few guest pics.
Ok finally posting my wedding recap from June 9th :) So we headed to Utah on Wed and got there Thursday before the wedding. When we got there MIL called to sy the flowers had arrived. We headed to her house to check them out and I was missing 3 BM bouquets and all the bouts. I called the flower place and they had sent the flowers in separate fed ex shipments and didn't tell me. Friday my MOH missed her flight because of an accident on the freeway and one BM's flight was delayed 4 hours. My MOH got to Utah but after the RD (no big deal) and the other BM got there right before the RD. RD was windy but a lot of fun.. we all just ate, bbq'd and drank.

The night before I couldn't sleep... I was tired and wanted to sleep but I was just too excited. We got up in the morning really early to decorate and everything looked amazing. We were running a little behind so my DOC took it upon herself to decorate the ceremony site with just her and the Dad's (it was super easy decorations but it helped time wise) We headed back to the condo and the MUA arrived early.

After my makeup I pulled out the flowers to get everything ready (take off dead petals and etc) My bouquet was missing and there were not enough bouts. I had ordered a combo of corsage and bouts and it looks like I got all corsage’s and not the right amount. If I had left them that way the guys would have had 3 flowers each on their bouts and H only had 1! It looked weird.. I figured out if we took apart some of the 3 flower ones we could make the right amount of bouts with 1 rose each. So 1 BM and I got to work... but my bouquet was still missing. My MIL swore up and down it was in there and said if it wasn't in there then it never arrived. I knew it had arrived because I had pulled it out of the box on the first day. I thought maybe it fell out at her house or in the car.. she got all worked up and was going to drive all the way to her house (45 min drive) to prove to me it wasn't there.. which was stupid. My mom grabbed my DOC and asked her to go to town and get me a bouquet. After talking to my DOC we realized her and one of the BM's had taken my bouquet out and left it at the reception site thinking it was the throw bouquet. (Not sure how 2 dozen roses gets mistaken for a toss bouquet) They both said we thought it was a really nice and big toss bouquet. But at least it was worked out... the bouquet looked like crap when I got it because it had not been in water.. so I had to pick off a ton of dead petals.

We were late to ceremony (15 min) damn girls take forever to get ready.. I was ready! We got there and the ceremony was perfect! a little windy but it was amazing best part was walking down the aisle and seeing H's face he was crying! He NEVER cries! I thought I would be a mess but I didn't cry. My eyes glossed over a few times but I held it together I was just SO happy! We got to the reception and it had started to get really cold and windy and a lot of people started leaving. H was upset because he thought I was going to be upset. So we started all the things like first dance, cake cutting and etc. in case it got colder we could leave. Well the wind died down and after a few drinks and some dancing we really didn't realize it was cold. H leaned over and said sorry people had left and I smiled and said no big deal all the people that matter are here. H had picked out first dance song as a surprise and it was awesome! A band I love but had only heard the song once or twice (The Used-Smother Me) it was a perfect song for us and he sang the whole song to me..which was awesome!

We did get some wedding crashers at the end of the night.. they had been watching all night and my mom told them just to join. They actually got my email address and sent me a nice note about what a great time they had. I keep getting compliments about how fun the wedding was. My BM said last night.. you know you are at a fun wedding when you are freezing your ass off but don't want to leave because you are having such a good time!

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