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My fiance and I live in Maine, and love the ocean! But we're getting married in Northern NH.  We would love to incorporate Maine into our wedding somehow, and I was thinking the guestbook...any ideas?

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    What if you made a photobook with some pictures that you've taken from some of your favorite places in Maine.  I've seen a lot of people using their E-pics to make a guest book, so the photo book seems to be a popular idea.

    As another tie-in, you could name your tables after some of your favorite places in Maine instead of just using plain numbers. 

    There's mixbook coupons posted on here (well, the DIY board) on a regular basis. 
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    We named all of our tables after some of the common beaches in Maine.  You could also do kind of a wish bowl but have the wishes put into a lobster trap or fishing basket?
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    I'm getting married on Peaks Island in a couple of weeks and we're doing LL Bean canoe paddles for guests to sign...that might be a nice way to incorporate Maine.
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