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Publix for my wedding cake...??

Anyone have any good reviews or bad??

I have a tasting appt next week and I've already looked through the book and found one that I love!
~Alissa & Frank 10.9.10~

Re: Publix for my wedding cake...??

  • pag41989pag41989 member
    edited December 2011
    I have eaten their birthday cakes and they are AMAZING. I love their buttercream frosting. My sister used publix for her wedding cake but I can not remember how it tasted. I was very young when she got married, I heard it was very good though.
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  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    I love the way Publix cake taste.  Experience is going to be different at each Publix because of the designers and people who work in the bakery.
  • ejoyce8ejoyce8 member
    edited December 2011

    I LOVE publix cake...go for it!!

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  • 4cats4us4cats4us member
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    We used Publix for our cake, and it was fantastic!!  I brought in a drawing of what I wanted it to look like, and they matched it exactly.  Everyone raved about it.....  AND- it was about half the price of some of the bakeries we had talked to!
  • edited December 2011
    Sweet!  Thanks for the good reviews.... I feel good about my choice.  Ive had Publix bday cakes and they are really good. 
    ~Alissa & Frank 10.9.10~
  • edited December 2011
    Yep! Had them at my wedding 4 years ago and they were amazing! The cake was probably the yummiest wedding cake I'd ever tasted. Took in a picture of what I wanted, and they did exactly that. The price was PERFECT. Go for it.
  • edited December 2011
    We went to Edgewood Bakery first and was shocked when we heard their price.  We left there and went to Publix.  The Publix cake tasted even better, looked almost exactly the same, and was half the price.  They also charged less for delivery.
  • edited December 2011
    I went to Edgewood Bakery for the first time about a month ago for lunch.  Very unique but I certainly can't afford their prices.

    I went to Publix this morning and put a deposit down on my wedding cake and grooms cake today.  It's only costing about $200 for both, including delivery
    ~Alissa & Frank 10.9.10~
  • BeardenBearden member
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    edited December 2011
    Publix cakes are reasonably priced and delicious! The strawberry filled cake is especially nice if that fits into your style. Publix cakes for us!
  • LouWho19LouWho19 member
    edited December 2011
    I've heard lots of great things and only one negative thing about Publix Cakes, so we're probably going that route also.  I care about taste and don't want to pay $500-$600 for a cake!
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    I was in Destin and picked up my sample cake. Loved it, but  would like to know how to get both cakes for 200 bucks. Whats the guest count. I did a 3tier for 50, but think it maybe too much cake.
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