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Is anyone doing this asian cutsom in their stateside wedding??

My FI and I have been together for many years and have an established household. We really don't need any household items and would really like to use the cash we could get from the wedding for a down payment on a house. What is the best way to ask for this polietly? I live in Atlanta and most of our guests aren't familiar with asian customs.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Let your family spread the word. Since it is usually seen as rude if the Bride and Groom ask for gifts/money let the people around you spread the word and also make it known that they need to let other guests know the why behind it. If it is a cultural thing people are usually more than willing to understand and let them know that they wont have to be burdened with shopping to find you the perfect gift anymore. Hope that helped :)
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    I agree that asking for cash gifts seem kinda rude... definitely have the cash wish spread by word of mouth. On the bright side, if you don't have a registry, people may just give you checks in lieu of a household item.
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    I pretty much expect that anyone from my side will be giving red envelopes. His side will be gifts or cash. Up to them. =)
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    Since I am only inviting guests that are near and dear and with whom I can be real with, I am including red envelopes as a part of the invitation.
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