I'm on a tight budget (we're talking less then $5,000), but I want my ceremony and reception areas to be nice.  Can anyone in York or South Central PA give me ideas?


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    I just checked out your profile and I see you aren't getting married until October.  I was going to suggest the parks, however it might be a tad too cold.  At any rate, I know at Sam Lewis to use the park for your ceremony would be free.  A good friend of mine rented a pavilion for $50 just so that people had a place to gather before the ceremony started, and it also provided a spot for her DJ to set up and a place for people to sign the guest book.  I would also suggest looking for church rec halls and such.  I know a lot of times they are fairly big spaces and they don't charge much or they ask for donations only.  I hope that helps.  BTW, the Hearts On Fire ring on your idea board is my ring!  Good choice! Laughing

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    Try checking with your local American Legion. My brother and his fiance are using the one in Linglestown and it seems to be very nice and reasonably priced!

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