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DIY Luggage Tags for Guests

Hi everyone! I read another post about Luggage Tags and they were so cute that it got me thinking about making luggage tags for my guests.  It would be a great wedding favor or gift to include in my OOT bags. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get started?  Are there templates for the design?  Is there a good place to buy the clear pastic luggage tags? TIA!

Re: DIY Luggage Tags for Guests

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    They have the clear plastic ones on amazon I think (another knottie on a different board ordered some I think). I am kinda wingin it and made mine outta scratch (pics in bio). i'm planning to mail mine out to my guests about a week before the trip so they can use them and I'm going to include a suggested packing list and itinerary.
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    I made luggage tags for my save the dates. here's what I got and how much I paid:

    - ordered the clear plastic tag holder from this site, 100 for around $58 including tax & shipping
    - business cards from vista print for around $23 including tax & shipping (there was a deal that included free address labels which I later used for my invitations)
     - plastic loop from Amazon, 100 for around $8
    With the above items, I could only order 100...not sure how many you will need.

    Also note that the clear plastic tag holders are kinda bulky, thicker plastic. I had thought it'd be more like the thickness of a credit card but when I got them, it turned out to be way heavier and thicker than I expected. It's good and bad cuz the tag is actually pretty sturdy but I was disappointed that it would cost more $ to ship plus it didn't fit nicely in an envelope. I mailed it out even though the envelope looked bulky & bulgy but I don't think anyone cared. People loved the tags and said they were able to make good use of it. But sounds like you might not be sending it in the mail anyways.

    Here's what the business cards from vista print looked like:
    My color theme was sage green and luckily this design was free.



    I got my inspiration from this post on weddingbee, although I went the lazy way and ordered my cards instead of making my own. They were pretty cheap from Vistaprint and turned out way better than what I coulda made myself:


    I'll try to post a picture of what the tag actually looks like when I get home later.
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    I wanted to do luggage tags, but ran out of what litle DIY steam I had, and decided to just order them from an etsy seller.  I got really cool tropical themed ones made from fabric by etsy seller meghandesigns (pic in bio under Welcome Bags).  Because I was ordering so many, she gave me a deal, and I think I got them for $3 apiece.  They're still one of my fave things from the wedding, and I love it when I see people (like my mom) still using them.

    Here's a link to my etsy seller's shop - http://www.etsy.com/people/meghandesigns
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    Thanks for your replies!  Your luggage tags are so cute! Since I don't have too much time before the wedding, I will try to contact the etsy designer to see what she can do. Thank you!
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