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Order of Services for Catholic/Mexican wedding. HELP!

My FI and are planning a mulit-culti wedding with both Mexican and African American customs. Also, I've also only been to one Catholic wedding, so while I've done tons of research on the customs, I don't know the flow of the service.

We're using the arras, the lazo, the offering to the Virgin ( although I think that's more of a Catholic thing) and jumping the broom at the end. I have that covered. Smile

I'm making a mock-up of the wedding program to give to our priest (Irish Catholic-can't really help us there) and I don't know where to put everything.

When do we light the unity candle?

At what point do the padrinos put on the lazo on us?

 When does the groom give the arras to the bride (and where do I put them?)

Is the offering to Mary the last thing we do before we are "pronounced"?

I am so confused.
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Re: Order of Services for Catholic/Mexican wedding. HELP!

  • hmm, we had a Catholic wedding. But I am not sure about incorporating both traditions. You may want to try posting this on the Catholic board - the ladies over there are really helpful and knowledgable.
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    I can only help with the Catholic traditions.  These two websites may be of help.

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  • Usually, the presentation to the Virgin is just before the vows.  At least, that's what I've seen.  (Prayers to help you get through it? ha, ha!)

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    I personally have seen it most often between Communion and the Concluding Rite.
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  • Agreed on having seen the presentation to Mary between communion and the concluding rites at a nuptial mass, or just before the concluding rites in a marriage ceremony outside of mass. 

    I would guess the ladies on the Latino weddings board could give you the full outline of Mary, lazo, arras, etc. I'd imagine there are ladies who can tell you exactly how that normally plays out.  Ditto the African American boards for the broom jumping (though my understanding is that it comes at the end of the ceremony).

    Finally, I would double-check with your church and priest about including these, especially the unity candle and jumping of the broom. Some catholic churches are more willing than others to allow non-Catholic elements to be included in the wedding.  I would be particularly curious about jumping the broom, because it seems like it has a lengthy history, some of which (not all) is associated with superstition and native African religions.
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  • Are there any Catholic churches in the Chicagoland area with a large proportion of Hispanic/Latino members? 

    That's where I'd start ... check out the Archdiocese's website and look for a link to "Hispanic Ministry and Services."  That might then lead you to parishes with a special emphasis on Hispanic culture.  The folks at that parish might be able to point you in the direction of Mexican parishioners/traditions, etc. 

    OR ...

    If you and/or your fiance are fluent in Spanish, is there some version of "The Knot" or other online websites, blogs, etc. that originate in Mexico?  If you can find something like that, then try to find Catholic Mass wedding traditions from there.

    Best of luck!  Congratulations!!
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