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Anyone ever used DJ Mark McFadden?  He said is rate is around 1200; however, if you use one of his partners then it can be around 800-900.  Anyone have any experience with any of his cheaper partners??  How about any of DJ Toad's partners?? 

Re: DJs

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    I used DJ Toad, but SIL used one of his "partners" - she and BIL were thrilled with them.  I personally wouldn't have any qualms using one of his other workers - he wouldn't hire someone who wasn't good.
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    hrparker - do you know the price for DJ Toad?  I've heard great things about him.  Did you like him as well?
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    LOVED him - even with his funky eyewear. ;)  Read the review in my bio to find out how great he did.

    I think his regular price was $1200 for the evening, but we got a friends and family discont (BIL was a fraternity brother).

    I think his assistants were somewhere between $700 and $900, though that may have changed.

    He probably has new prices up on his website:

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    We used Mark McFadden and LOVED him. He is really good and really funny! FYI - We did not pay $1200 for him... might want to try and negotiate ;) I really enjoyed working with him and he kept the dance floor packed all night.
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    I called A LOT of DJs.

    Steve Bender was the best about contacting right away. But I just didn't vibe with him...

    DJ Toad was also good with quickly responding and sending his price list. He is also on Facebook, and added me a few weeks after I contacted him. We hadn't booked, but it was nice to see he was kinda following up- I had been meaning to contact him, but got kinda side tracked...

    His price is $1200 for unlimited time.
    His Associate DJs (DJ Phil) is $900 for unlimited time.
    His Junior DJS are $600 for four hours.

    I can't wait to meet with DJ Toad. We are considering working with him, or DJ Phil. I have to admit I love the white glasses...

    p.s. - I am definitely NOT a fan of Priceless DJs. I contacted them several times through their site and there is an automatic response email that says someone will respond in 24 hours- never happened. So, I called the number, and got a voicemail. I called back, no response. Another email through the site- no response. After that, we just decided to forget about them all together- great "deals" are only great if they perform well...

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