Weekend Craziness

I went to Maine this weekend for my bachelorette and it was a crazy weekend!!

Friday, we went out to dinner at Margarita's (which I was just saying how much I missed!!) then to the hotel room to play the bachelorette games and then out to the bars!

I got a bunch of wedding stuff done Saturday/Sunday and then we drove to the Manchester Airport on Sunday afternoon to catch our flight, which is when the craziness began... We got there to find out our flight was cancelled. My mom had driven us so she came back around and grabbed us again. We were put up in the hotel for the night and I had to call my boss to tell him I'd be late. We grabbed some dinner and then before bed, I filled up my water bottle twice from the sink and chugged water because I hadn't had much that day and was thirsty. I think there was something terrible in the water because I woke up about 2 hours later, sick as I've ever been in my life!!

I made it through the night and somehow made it on the flights without getting sick and then I got a call from one of my good friends saying that she had just called the hotel to book a room for the wedding and that she was told there was a conference coming in that weekend and all the rooms were booked. When I originally signed a contract, I was told not to worry about blocking off a certain number of rooms, since there wasn't anything else going on that weekend.

Luckily this morning, we got it mostly straightened out. The coordinator is helping to free up some rooms by shifting the conference people around some and I'm contact all the guests who haven't booked rooms yet to tell them they need to do it ASAP.

I'm mostly feeling better too, but I feel dizzy today because I think I'm so dehydrated from the whole ordeal...

What a crazy weekend!!!

Re: Weekend Craziness

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    Whoa, that is craziness.  I'm glad the rooms got worked out with your venue, but that sounds stressful.  I hope you feel better!  Maybe have some gatorade or juice or something with some sugar, not just water, if you can keep it down.  Did you say something to the hotel about their water?  Grossness.

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    Wow, that is a crazy weekend!  What a whirlwind!  I'm glad you're feeling better and go the hotel straightened out!  Yikes!
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    glad to hear you are feeling better and the room situation is solved.. what a pain! Sounds like an eventful weekend!
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    Which Margaritas did you go to?  We go to the St. John Street one every Friday night.  There was a bachelorette party in the side room off the lounge as we were leaving...was that you?

    That's where we started my b-party on Saturday night! 
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    hcorrigan-We actually went to the one on Brown. We were sitting at the side area at the top of the stairs. Weird though that there was another bachelorette party going on!! We didn't see anyone else out that night at the bars or anything.

    jessica-I hadn't mentioned it to the hotel yet, but I was thinking about calling them today and letting them know that I was sick from their water. I just am nervous to do that if I'm not 100% sure whether that was what caused it or not!

    Thanks all for your well wishes!  Now I'm frantically trying to contact all our guests that haven't booked their rooms yet to see if they can do it ASAP.
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